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Welcome to The Baci Productions

The Baci Productions Co. LTD., is the sister company of Daniel Baci Photography. Based in Phuket | Koh Samui, Thailand we produce high quality video & photography productions. Our main specialty is DESTINATION WEDDING Videography!. Through the years Daniel Baci (CEO/FOUNDER) has slowly put together an all-star team of local and international filmmakers all of which have 7+ years experience in videography, video editing and they all have shot over 300+ weddings.. We have learned alot from each other working together for 7+ years now, so we have an excellent working relationship and a flawless system developed by Daniel to capture your special day. We use some of the best video production equipment on the market including 3x Sony A7sii we have the ability to film in 4K, FHD at 30-50-100fps, yup 100fps in a full frame camera for awesome slow-motion and we have smaller cameras that can shoot up to 1000fps!. We have mastered excellent steadicam work through the years for thoughs smooth moving cinematic shots!, we have sliders, LEDs lights, multi sound system recording devices and enhancements to make sure we get the best audio possible in just about any situation. Between all of us we have experience in everything from Live TV, TV Series, Featured Movies, Short Films, Documentary Films and of course plenty in Wedding Cinematography. Hiring The Baci Production's is a good option if you can not afford "Daniel Baci Photography" to be present to direct and edit your wedding film. Yet get similar quality and style of video production with the same quality of service!. Daniel Baci will still be managing all the quality control, reviewing final edits before releasing, scheduling, deadlines and correspondence to ensure customer satisfaction!..
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Daniel Baci Photography

Daniel Baci is an American-Italian wedding photographer and filmmaker in Thailand, based in Phuket | Koh Samui. SEE HIS WEBSITE HERE ----> http://www.dbaciphotography.com As one of the top 10 wedding photographers in Thailand by prestigious wedding site Junebug Weddings, his talent and passion in capturing your most special moments has made his services highly sought-after all over Thailand and in other parts of the globe as well. Together with his team of skilled and talented photographers and videographers, they deliver images that are high quality in terms of creativity, and photos that capture the genuine emotions and moods of your event.

In Asia Daniel is one of the most accomplished in his trade for being not only a great wedding photographer in the TOP ten list in Thailand with 5+ years of experience but he is also a very experienced, talented filmmaker, director and video editor with 9+ years of experience and hundreds of weddings he has personally filmed and edited. There are many people that have started doing a bit of both Photography and Videography nowadays but not many can switch roles so effectively at a high level of quality and professionalism like Daniel Baci does. Because Daniel has become in such high demand over the years he has built and trained his video production team to operate with the same efficient system that Daniel developed and he has also spent 4 years training his sub-editor who works alongside him everyday to edit with his same system, film theory, and similar style!. Through the years Daniels personal videography rates have risen to a point that not everyone can afford so thats why he has re-branded "The Baci Productions" to be able to offer the highest level of service at a more affordable cost!. The Baci Productions rates range from $500usd to $1500usd for the bigger packages, Daniel Bacis rates range from $800usd to $2500usd so if you have this in your budget and really love the way Daniel edits his wedding videos then hiring Daniel is your best option!, if his rates are too high for you, not to worry you can get the next best thing managed by Daniel with the same professional services within your budget!.

The Baci Productions has experience in Western, Thai, Muslim, Indian, Chinese, Jewish, and more we have shot weddings from Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Italy, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

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