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Thailand Wedding Destination Videograpy

    The Baci Production’s Co. LTD. is a video production company that has been open since 2011, funded & founded by Daniel Baci of http://www.dbaciphotography.com . Through the years Daniel Baci has built a large freelance & in-house team of local and international filmmakers all of which have 7+ years experience in videography, video editing and they all have shot over 300+ weddings (mostly together) from Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi and Bangkok Thailand. Although we specialising in destination wedding’s we also do other projects such as music videos, documentaries, VIP events, commercials and company promo/adverts…


We primarily shoot in Thailand but we have also shot weddings in Sri Lanka, Bali, Hong Kong, Italy and the Maldives,

The Baci Production’s has now RE-BRANDED and is officially the sister company of Daniel Baci Photography Studio’s, We have learned a lot from each other working together for 7+ years now, so we have an excellent working relationship and a flawless system developed by Daniel to capture your special day. We use some of the best video production equipment on the market including 3x Sony A7sii we have the ability to film in 4K, FHD at 30-50-100fps, yup 100fps in a full frame camera for awesome slow-motion and we have smaller cameras that can shoot up to 1000fps!. We have mastered excellent steadicam work through the years for though’s smooth moving cinematic shots!, we have sliders, LEDs lights, multi sound system recording devices and enhancements to make sure we get the best audio possible in just about any situation. Between all of us we have experience in everything from Live TV, TV Series, Short Films, Documentary Films and of course plenty in Wedding Cinematography. Hiring The Baci Production’s is a good option if you can not afford “Daniel Baci Photography” to be present to direct and edit your wedding film. Yet get similar quality and style of video production with the same quality of service!. Daniel Baci will still be managing all the quality control, reviewing, fixing all final video edits before releasing, scheduling, deadlines and correspondence to ensure customer satisfaction, he just will not be at your wedding directing and will not be doing the editing himself!..


WHY RE-BRANDING? – In the past 2+ years Daniel Baci (CEO) has stepped away a bit from the videography world to focus on his photography, managing the company and producing even higher level wedding video productions. Daniel has let his talented team whom he has worked with and/or trained for the past 5+ years to do the majority of all the filming & some of the editing over the past year or two as most clients will hire Daniel for his popular “Photography & Videography Combine Discounted Packages” him as the Photographer and his team filming Daniel then directs the day and edits both the photo and video materials. As quality got better the demand for Daniel’s services grew so didnt his prices and Daniel now only accepts a limited amount of wedding per year/month so he can keep quality control and get even better at both trades.



If you prefer Daniel Baci’s style of editing & directing for your wedding film then please visit his website and request a quote.

EMAIL US AT TheBaci2.0@gmail.com

Here below are a few video’s that were filmed, directed and edited by my team “The Baci Productions” and managed by Daniel.

PHUKET THAILAND WEDDING | Neal & Samantha @ The Naka resort from Daniel Baci on Vimeo.

Koh Samui Thailand wedding – Neal & Ruth from Daniel Baci on Vimeo.

Julie & Mark – Phuket, Thailand wedding from Daniel Baci on Vimeo