Rush editing

Rush Editting

 Our video rush editing service is for those people who just dont want to wait 12-18 weeks for their Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi wedding video or for many, people want to play it for guests at another wedding or dinner they have planned after the big Thailand day wedding that is just a few weeks later. We also have the same day edit video that is normally for cultures that may have many different ceremonies on the same day, for example the Chinese will traditionally have a gate crashing and tea ceremony in the early morning then the western ceremony in the later afternoon so they would like to show the early morning games to the guests at dinner time. This service is also available for any other Thailand videography need such as real estate, property, music videos, etc., just please pre-book this service with your Thailand videographer in advance.

Rush edits – Any rush editing needed for parties etc. back in your home city that is before our 12-18 week deadline can be done at a extra cost just ask your Thailand videographer for more details. Does NOT include a projector & screen.


How Much Does This Service Cost?



$350.00 USD


Rush edit

$300.00 USD

High-quality videography of your –


  • Wedding
  • Event
  • MV
  • Delivered in a rush, no more big waits.
  • Serving Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok, and all of Thailand.